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About us

The Proviso Public Partnership was organized for the specific purpose of giving support to Proviso Township communities.  Our Mission is to promote behavioral wellness by providing coordinated leadership and ensuring that behavioral health services are accessible, comprehensive and person centered. Through early intervention, treatment and education we provide mental health, substance abuse and developmental disability services to children, adults and seniors in Proviso Township.

Our Vision is to be recognized as being understanding and sensitive to the needs of our clients and their families, also for providing linguistically appropriate and culturally competent services that promote social-emotional development, prevent future mental health and substance use challenges and address current behavioral needs in a holistic manner.

A letter from Jesse D. Rosas, CEO

I want to first take the opportunity to say thank you to everyone that participated in last year’s golf outing. The level of support was overwhelming and motivating as we moved into our second full year of operations, and what an interesting year it was. In fiscal year 2014-15, the Proviso Public Partnership united key players in the community that worked together to help support our residents, veterans and our Troops abroad. In addition to providing these key services, the Proviso Public Partnership also took ownership of properties and, collected deliverables that are today providing key assistance to the residents of Proviso Township.

First, we continue the Food 4 Less program in partnership with our local grocer Food 4 Less. This program is helping families in Proviso by donating a percentage of purchases made at their store. Last year under the guidance of Commissioner Arturo Mota, these funds helped the Proviso Public Partnership purchase 360 books for children from low income families. In addition, the Proviso Public Partnership purchased schools supplies and supported two health fairs.

Last year we shared with you our need for housing. This year with the assistance of the Proviso Township Mental Health Commission and the Illinois Housing Development Authority, it became a reality. In fiscal year 2014-2015, the Proviso Public Partnership acquired two properties, one in Bellwood (currently available for families that qualify) and a second parcel of land in Melrose Park. We are currently in discussions with interested parties for development. The goal is to secure funding and build a home for a veteran.

The Proviso Public Partnership also worked closely with Operation Care Package, a not for profit organization dedicated to sending care packages to our troops overseas. This year the Proviso Public Partnership, working in concert with Proviso School Districts and local businesses, collected two vans full of items. Some of the items included toiletries, nutritional items, personal hygiene items as well as small gifts such as CD’s, books and flash lights. But most importantly were the letters of support that went into each package. Local students from District 89 wrote personal letters of appreciation and encouragement to our troops to ensure they know they are supported at home. With the help of local businesses, the Proviso Public Partnership also collected $3,138.88 to help purchase more supplies and pay for the shipping fees.

These are just a few examples of some of the great work the Proviso Public Partnership is doing. “Bringing together good people to create great things.”


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Board of Directors

Michael A. Corrigan


Jesse D. Rosas

Executive Officer

ShawnTe Raines


Eric R. Sawchuk


Danielle Bagus

Chief Operations Officer

Kate Minella

Financial Officer

Jill Dolan

Service Navigator