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Care Trak


The Care Trak program allows family members to track loved ones, who are impaired and have a history of wandering from their home. Care Trak is a mobile tracking system, that uses a radio frequency wrist band to locate individuals.

When an individual wearing a transmitter is reported missing, the local certified Care Trak law enforcement agency can start the search using a radio tracking system. You want Care Trak, because if someone is missing for 24 hours, their survival rate drops to 50%.

No search has lasted more than 30 minutes using Care Trak.

Criteria for Program

  • Must be a resident in a designated village of Porviso Township
  • Documented diagnosis of: Autism, Alzheimer’s, TBI or Developmental Disability
  • Must be under continuous 24-hour supervision
  • History of wandering or at risk of wandering
  • Difficulty in communication skills

Care Trak Fees

To participate in Care Trak there is a monthly fee of $8 per month. This includes the transmitter, bi-monthly battery and wristband replacement. There is financial assistance for those to qualify.


  • Bellwood Fire Department
  • Broadview Fire Department
  • Hillside Police Department
  • Melrose Park Police Department
  • Westchester Police Department

(Units are available for purchase).

Proviso Public Partnership Search & Rescue Programs Information:

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Web site: agingcareconnections.org
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Proviso Area for Exceptional Children
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Care Trak Web Site: www.caretrak.com

Care Trak Program is Funded by Proviso Public Partnership. To access services contact Janet Arrieta at: (708) 240-4435.