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Annual Golf Outing

A letter from President Michael A. Corrigan:

Each year, the Proviso Public Partnership (PPP) looks to support an agency or program that parallels our beliefs, goals and mission. This year, together with the Proviso Township Mental Health Commission, the Proviso Public Partnership is supporting Strengthening Proviso Youth (SPY). SPY is an organization based off of 40 developmental assets essential for the positive development and growth of the youths in Proviso Township.  Any items or donations will be used to raise funds to help support individuals and organizations specialized in teaching the 40 developmental assets.

We always hear the importance of providing a future that our children will thrive in.  By having people and places that are vested in providing this atmosphere, we are talking the first step to make sure the foundation for a successful future is cemented from the very start. The assistance will go to ensure every youth in the community has access to a healthy start, a safe environment, effective education, and caring adults.  By assisting the youth of today, we will be helping secure that our future employees will own a skillset that is desirable in the workplace for years to come.

The 40 assets program has been shown to statistically identify the success or failure of a person’s lifetime achievements depending on the number of “assets” they have been exposed to during childhood and adolescence. To put it plainly, the more “assets” a person is exposed to, the greater the success of the person in adulthood.  Conversely, when there is little or no exposure to these “assets”, the drop in success is significant and extreme.  Based on this information, SPY has developed a curriculum that can be utilized across the many different backgrounds of the clients in Proviso Township. With a thorough list of assets to draw from, they feel that regardless of where you reside in Proviso, there will be an asset that will have a direct and positive impact on any sub communities within the Township.

Please join us for a fun day of golfing and networking as well as supporting a wonderful cause that will have a direct impact on the youth of tomorrow, today.


Michael A. Corrigan

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2018 Annual Golf Outing

Date: Tuesday, August 28th, 2018
Address: 181 Glen EllynRd., Bloomingdale, IL
Phone: (630) 529-6232

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