service coordination and resources

Our Service Coordinators have a network of behavioral health providers and social services at their disposal. When you call us, we connect you to a Service Coordinator that collects the information you need to determine what is right for you. We then assist you to access the behavioral healthcare provider of your choice. In addition, we help you navigate the healthcare system and offer a host of options for each of your needs. Our Service Coordinators can quickly provide you the comprehensive information you need, without having to make multiple calls for information or searching the internet. To take advantage of this one-stop-shop, call us at (708) 240-4435.

Youth Services

Youth Service Coordination provides support to families by connecting them with resources and services in their community, such as prevention programs, summer and afterschool activities, school support and childcare.

Senior Services

Our Service Coordinators can provide families assistance with finding the right services, such as comprehensive care coordination, congregate meals, community care programs, and respite. We will then help with narrowing down your options and can connect you to the organization of your choice.

Substance Abuse & Treatment

Our Service Coordinators work with organizations that provide treatment, detox, residential care, support programs, and outpatient services for youth and adults. We will identify your needs and develop a plan that best supports the entire family.

Food Pantries

There are many food pantries and nutritional programs across Proviso Township. Our Service Coordinators can provide you a list of pantries in your area. We can also connect you with the following food assistance programs: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), General Assistance and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

Homeless Shelter

Our Service Coordinators have resources for those who need immediate housing assistance. We also have access to specialized services such as employment readiness, emergency assistance and more.


In Proviso Township, when you are scheduled to meet with a behavioral health counselor, we want to ensure you don’t miss that appointment. The PPP may be able to provide you with vouchers or work with you and your insurance company for free or reduced cost transportation to and from behavioral health appointments.

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